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into the heart of the Earth


The Tellure Mine Theme Park is a fun site guaranteeing a remarkable and amusing day-out whether you come alone, with family or with friends, regardless the age of your children or the weather forecast!
It’s more than just an exciting adventure as it plunges visitors into the lives of miners during the 16th century and will lead you into the heart of the Earth. A magical and entertaining place to discover ….


The Tellure Theme Park is a subtle blend of culture, discovery and fun! An unforgettable time for young and old.


The visit

is divided into two parts:
First part

An audio-guided tour of the museum above ground (panoramic cinema, museum walk, optical theatre, …) and


2nde part

An underground guided tour of the St-Jean Engelsbourg Mine.



The complex is built upon the site which was discovered in the 16th century when silver veins where found resulting in what was later called “The Silver Fever”. In the core of the Neuenberg mountain, visitors will learn about what initiated incredible technological, social and cultural development.

The Saint-Jean Engelsbourg silver mine, referred to as the “Saint-Jean Column” is the widest underground hole hand-dug by man in the Vosges mountain range, an especially dizzyingly high one (180 m3). It was chosen for its channel quality in the 16th century.

A trip into the centre of the Earth, back into space and time in 8 stops: galleries, machine rooms, slickenslides …

Mined for over 400 years, the St-Jean Engelsbourg silver mine can today be safely visited. Led by an enthusiastic, mine-loving guide, visitors will walk through century-old galleries from the 16th to the 20th centuries, right in the heart of our mountains (along about 800 m).
Visiting this mine presents no specific difficulties.

This initiatory underground exploration for both young and old, unfolds the life of miners and the evolution of their techniques: from stone chisels to modern drills, and is a wonderful opportunity to contemplate the underground world in all its splendour.

The Tellure Mine Theme Park also offers multiple services with a bar, light-dining restaurant, jewellery and worldwide-minerals shop …
As the Tellure Park is completely sheltered, you can come visit in any weather.

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