Bar and light snacks



Restaurant area
From the mine to a feast, after the emotion, something delicious and a rest …
A weekend get-away in Alsace which always finishes by a glass of wine, some munchies, a meal, an afternoon snack, a moment to relax with the family …. TELLURE proposes a bar and its restaurant area to end your unforgettable day. Miner’s pie, quick snacks, pastries … it’s all there waiting for you.

A catering service for groups is available. Please enquire with us.
For your special orders or reservations, please call:

+33 (0)3 89 58 80 50 or by email.


Mineral and Jewellery Shop
A souvenir or a gift? The Tellure shop offers even better! No useless gadgets but books and games to learn more, a large choice of minerals from all over the world just for pleasure or for a collection, reasonably-priced jewellery as well as regional Val d’Argent products.
Free Entry


Relaxation Area
Sofas and armchairs where visitors can catch their breath!
Free entrance